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My First Official Blog!

So, here I am, taking the leap and adding a blog to my website! I will be honest, I'm not sure how this is going to go just yet but I am excited to try something new. For this first blog, let's just reintroduce myself and some of my work and services to everyone.

Capturing your Precious Moments...

My goal is to capture the moments in our lives so that one day we can look back with fond memories. Nothing is better than looking at an image and how it can bring you back to the moment in time, the laughter, the smiles, the milestones and even sometimes, the tears. And for the times where our memories might fail us, holding an image can be just what is needed to bring that memory back to us.

PORTRAITS: there are so many special moments that we can capture in a a portrait and sometimes, the "just because" are my favorite.
Like this one of little Sophia that I took in my backyard while watching her!

Why should you choose a professional photographer?

A professional photographer is going to bring to you years of experience. The knowledge and the skills on how to pose, where to place, what lighting is going to be the most flattering. A professional can share great locations and ideas. They will be able to personal your session by capturing the true you, your personality, the family's love and character. A professional also has the ability to help guide you when selecting which images you want to print, share, give as gifts or include in a keepsake such as a photobook.

AND MORE... while my focus is on your Portrait needs, I also do the occasional event (small parties, weddings, community events) and sports photos for Teams and action images.

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